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Amazing Spaces! This low cost eco friendly urban living solution is literally a life saver for our English relative Mathew Green.


Matt and Juno

Named after his pet dog Juno, a trusty Pyrenean Mountain dog, famous for saving the life of his father Peter and the Pink Floyd roady, Peter Watts (also famous actress Naomi Watts late father), who had lost themselves in a nighttime blizzard hunting Christmas trees in the depths of Pilots Wood.


Juno playing in the snow with Matt and sister Sadie

The Green family’s idyllic house and land in Kent were compulsory purchased in the late seventies by the British government for the construction of the polemic M25 orbital motorway, which desecrated precious green belt conservation areas and provoked the premature death of Peter Green, father of 3 growing children.


Peter Green sailing

Mathew the oldest Son, who has lived in London ever since suffers as thousands of others do from relentless property and accommodation speculation. After a hard day’s work attending his customers, Matt, “the Posh Locksmith“, parks his nifty battery powered Renault Twizzy by one of the hundreds of picturesque London canal walks and boards his floating home, cleverly adapted from a 7.5m long, unsinkable and fire proof oil-rig Whittaker’s life-boat for 50 persons.

According to the local waterways authority, canal boats and water crafts are permitted to moor anywhere within the greater London area provided that they keep on the move, something that Matt’s used to ever since the building of the M25!

As well as eco friendly lighting, cooking, washing and heating facilities Juno is soon to gain a floating garden platform and a UFO style escape pod guest room.

Solar* also manufactures innovative 12v LED lighting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Once the project is finished, Matt plans on sharing his amazing space with the general public via AIRBNB (hostess not included!)

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Redningskapsel-i-oljemuseet-foto-Fredrik-Ringe m

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