up-cycle solar* (UK)

 música:Joni Mitchell "Big Yellow Taxi" 
-you dont know what you've got'til its gone...

At solar* we don’t just recicle, we up-cycle, turning everyday objects and throw-aways into new products more usefull and of better quality,  and in doing so economising energy.

Our English founder Tom Green has been doing this since he was 9 years old and before launching the Brazilian trade mark solar* in 1999 had a sucessfull up-cycling career in London.

tom designer

Tom na oficina aos 9 anos

here is a rare film of his old school in scotland:

children growing cópia

His 90´s London flat was completely made from raw material scavenged from  demolishion sites, Portobelo Road and French depot vantes . The Independente on Sunday even did an article in the decoration supplement.